After a few reading books and just trying to fit what I have learned from Self-help books. I have come up with a model which suits every scenario.

I would like to call it “Achieve Your Goal — 1.0” and this will keep on evolving as I learn more from the books.

(Red Box Contains Book Name, is a suggestion based on what I have read till now)

Model to OutPerform / Achieve Goal

Some Recommended steps -

> Have the Desire to achieve something (First and Foremost)

> Believe in yourself, start thinking big (Nothing is Impossible)

> Add Positive Affirmation, Talk to Yourself (Self Talk)

> Understand Others and Build Good relationships with everyone (People Friendly)

> Make yourself Financially Independent (Difficult topic to Understand)

Feel free to provide your valuable suggestion and let me know which can be added in the next version.

Thank you.